With “Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite,” Stargirl is wasting no time assembling her team

Beth Chapel, the weird girl with no friends, finds out that Courtney and Yolanda have been cavorting around town in costumes and fighting bad guys and she wants in. Meanwhile, Rick Tyler, the son of Hourman, is paid a visit by Courtney when the hourglass seems to be drawn to the angry, reclusive young man.

Stargirl is certainly wasting absolutely no time in its arch of assembling the Justice Society of America and, as the promo pictures have shown no other cast members in JSA costumes, I’m assuming that the roster is complete now. Part of me is concerned that they are rushing things a little to much, but then again, part of me is happy that they are apparently side-stepping the season-long build up to anything superheroic which has become a cliche in long-run storytelling so… you know… it could be a win, it could be a lose. We’ll just have to see.

This episode was pretty delightful. I thought I would grow tired of Beth and her constant naive upbeat attitude, but for what Stargirl is, it works for the show because Stargirl as a whole is goofy, upbeat, optimistic, and even a little naive. I am a very disappointed that the creators chose not to make the new Doctor Mid-Nite blind as I always thought that was neat concept for the character (twenty some odd years before Daredevil came along), but I guess they didn’t want the Daredevil comparisons which, in my opinion, is stupid… “let’s be ableist so we don’t have to listen to ignorant nerds complain.”

The new Hourman has left much less of an impact on me. His character almost seemed like paper cutouts of every angsty teenage rebel character we’ve seen in years and the revenge angle is so played out that I can already tell you that he’s going to be put in a situation where he can choose revenge or morality by the end of the season and he will choose morality.

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