Everything is laid bare in “Lovers’ Quarrel”

Doctor Psycho has taken over the mind of Poison Ivy and uses her to as a weapon against Harley Quinn at the behest of Darkseid as The Justice League returns to action against the army of parademons. Now, with her true love turned against her and even the world’s greatest heroes vowing to take Ivy down, can Harley stop Doctor Psycho once and for all?

I am enjoying the last few episodes of this season so much, particularly since the season got so bogged down in the Ivy/Harley love story. The series has done a dramatic 180 in salvaging itself, even going so far as to admit in dialogue that Harley Quinn wasn’t sure what she wanted to be anymore.

In a sense, the show has always been about Harley Quinn striving for what she wants… independence, respect, power… but those concepts are expectations that were placed on her by the actions of others. They were goals that she felt like she was obliged to meet. I am loving how the entire series is currently being turned on its ear as Harley is finally faced with the reality of what she wants to do with herself. It’s not conquest, it’s not power… it’s just happiness.

I love the potrayal of the Justice League in this series (although, where did Flash and Green Lantern go?). A bunch of out of touch celebrities, basically, with powers but no real connection with reality. I know I say this continually, but this would be a great spin-off. I want a Justice League comedy, a comedy about Batman and the Bat-Family, a comedy about the Joker and his domestic life… come on, DC. Give us these shows!

What’s more, this episode was packed with the type of action I feel like we haven’t seen enough of and I love that both King Shark and Clayface’s true power were finally put on display, much to Harley’s understandable frustration when they were used against her.

I also enjoyed how the issue of Kite-Man is being dealt with and, to be honest, I’m actually glad they didn’t take the easy way out by killing him off. This story was never going to be finished without seriously hurting someone and the way that Kite-Man found out about Ivy and Harley was probably the most evil thing that Doctor Psycho has done.

I am happy that this season will get an epilogue episode as the fallout is a lot to digest. These characters need to deal with what happened and what they will do next. I’m very happy that this wasn’t the finale and that the ending wasn’t a cheap cliffhanger.

This is a show that respects its characters even as it makes fun of them.

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