Sulphur Springs’ Amazing Transparent Public Bathrooms

A bathroom is not usually something you associate with a planned stop (unless it’s Buc-ee’s because that place is amazing), but if you ever happen to be driving though a town in Texas named Sulphur Springs, I urge you to detour to their downtown city square when nature calls.

In their very nice city square, complete with war memorials, a beautiful old courthouse, and a fountain, you’ll find two odd looking mirrored boxes that seem strangely out of place.

When you open them up, they get stranger.

They are fully functional pubic bathrooms with transparent walls… Well, transparent when you’re inside them looking out, but reflective if you’re outside looking in. The effect is disconcerting to say the least and enough to give even the stoutest of hearts stagefright, so to speak.

In case you’re wondering, yes… I did make use of the facilities, but my performance was very weak and I think I might have been boo’ed which gives me pause.

The town square, as I said, is a beautiful place, very well maintained and lovely to tour. As it was my first time there, admittedly drawn in by the bathrooms, it was a pleasant surprise. The town’s deep seeded sense of humor won me over.

Yes, the crosswalk signs are The Ministry of Silly Walks!

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