The Mandalorian Episode 7… With a Plan This Great, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Mando unexpectedly gets a call from Carl Weathers inviting him to return and help him overthrow the Imperial presence on the planet which has only gotten worse since our hero shot up the place and, so, reuniting with a few old friends, Mando and Baby Yoda walk right into the lion’s den.

… and really… why?

I’m not a nitpicker and, truthfully, I hate having anything to do with anyone who is, but why did Baby Yoda have to ho on this mission at all? Mando could have left him with Kuiil on Kuiil’s planet completely out of harm’s way, but instead took the thing that the empire is going nuts for and takes it right to the empire’s doorstep.

Worse tactics I have not yet seen.

Still, aside from that, “The Reckoning” was a very strong chapter that kicked the forward progression of this show… something that it had trouble remembering it had progression to do, right in the keister.

The result is a very rough and painful chapter in the story full of character development, just enough revelation to keep us interested in what’s going on, the introduction of a very tangible threat, and all sorts of smart and well written scenes.

I was happy to see Kuiil and IG-88 again, I enjoyed Baby Yoda’s unexpected and dark defense of Mando when he thought that Dune was hurting him, and Giancarlo Esposito is always a win no matter what he does.

Overall, aside from my nitpickiness, this was another great chapter from this series and can’t wait to see how it turns out next week.

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