Snakes? Why’d It Have to be Snakes? “Rattlestar Ricklactica” is a Sssssssuperb episode of Rick and Morty

All right, Rick and Morty kinda broke their own rule on never using time travel, but it was worth it for such a strange and wacky episode that out Terminator‘ed Terminator.

Morty accidentally kills a space snake and feels so guilty, he sets out to make things right even though all he does is make things wrong and then so much wronger.

What follows is a weird journey into a snake-based society, attempts to change the future, and cybernetic terminator snakes.

Also, Jerry tries to put lights on his house without Rick’s help.

I have to hand it to this show: You never have a solid idea of where it’s going or what it’s doing even when the plot is in progress, and it’s never a question of simply subverting expectations just to subvert them, but rather just throwing caution to the wind to tell the most unpredictable science fiction story possible.

What’s more, the meaningless and wacky adventures with the space snakes cozies up very comfortably with the story of a floating Jerry trying to accomplish something without Rick’s help and, dare I say, this is probably the most empathy I’ve ever felt for Jerry during the entire run of the series.

I loved it. This season is on fire.

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