Harley Quinn takes on Sexism and Cancel Culture with the Sensitivity that We Have Come to Expect from this Show

Harley wants to build her own gang, but because she is a woman, no one will take her seriously due to the super-villainess glass ceiling so, she does what any sociopath would do, she recruits the worst bad guys possible who no one else would possibly hire all to get back at a sleazy Maxy Zues.

Perhaps it’s just me flexing my nerd muscles, but Harley Quinn is probably the funniest DC series I’ve ever seen. This show just doesn’t care! Any other show would try to take the concepts of sexism and cancel culture and try to say something at least half-way meaningful, but not Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn don’t care. When Harley is faced with sexism, she just gets mad and surmounts it. When Harley comes across cancel culture, she sees it as an opportunity. DC never forgets that Harley Quinn is a bad guy… she’s evil and doesn’t care about such trivialities. She’s got a goal and she’s willing to do anything and use anyone to achieve it.

Needless to say, this episode was a complete winner. Wanda Skyes as The Queen of Fables was incredible and, the fact that the writers not only showed a completely accurate backstory for her and used it to make a commentary on the way that she was treated by the Justice League was pretty sweet.

Doctor Psycho was also another wonderful addition. A complete garbage human, but as excellent supporting character.

Same with Maxie Zues… making this D-list Batman villain a motivational speaker was a stroke of genius.

I never thought that Harley Quinn would become my favorite show on DC Universe, but here we are.

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