‘Steven Universe Future’ Debuts a Pair of Delightful Filler Episodes

“A Very Special Episode”

Steven accidentally promises to babysit Onion as Rainbow Quartz and teach gems about safety as Sunstone at the same time, so how is he going to do this?


“A Very Special Episode” is a comedy and that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t advance the plot, or arch of the series and offers very little in the way of character development.

What it does, however, is be extremely funny. Now, certain parts of the episode work better than others — namely, everything with Onion is comedy gold. Everything else is less funny, but still extremely amusing.

I’m not even sure if this episode can be considered canon as is appears to be just a public service announcement from Sunstone to the audience which, funny enough, seems also to serve as a message of, “Relax, this episode doesn’t count.”

It was fun, if a bit meaningless.


The gems welcome a new addition to Little Homeworld, Bluebird… a fusion of Eyeball Ruby and Aquamarine who set about pranking Steven and making his life miserable while winning over the affections of all of his friends.

“Bluebird” is another episode that serves as more of a comedy caper than anything else. The idea that two people could basically unite as a single person as a result of their hatred is a funny concept, especially since Ruby and Aquamarine are so incredibly bad at it. The idea that everyone knew that they were a fusion from the very beginning was pretty funny too.

Moreover, the lesson of the episode that says that, even though you can be hurt, you should never stop trying to find the good in people is an important one and so wonderfully typical of this show.

Out of the two new episodes, this one was the strongest.

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