Harley Quinn tries “Finding Mr. Right” in the Show’s Best Episode Yet

Harley decides that, to be taken seriously, she needs a nemesis but her plan to get one goes awry when Robin answers the call and it’s just awkward and weird to fight a 12 year old boy.

Uproariously funny, “Finding Mr. Right” features many reasons why Harley Quinn has become such a successful television series.

For one, as I have mentioned before, this is one of the precious few times that a villain has been given the spotlight and continued to be a villain. Harley robs banks, takes people hostage… it’s just what she is and she’s not ashamed of it. The series is not ashamed of it either and that is almost refreshing.

Sure, she does save Robin in the episode, but it’s a means to an end. I’m sure that, if Robin had been Kid Flash or Aqualad, she would have just let him die so that she wouldn’t be bothered by him anymore.

The second reason this show is so good is that it allows the traditional heroes like Batman and Superman to be the antagonists. Superman, for example, is portrayed as an insufferable person. Batman is actually someone you actually want to root against. This assists the idea of a villain-based show so much.

Thirdly, with this episode, we see progress. Harley set a goal for herself early on in the series to become a big bad Gotham villain and, little by little, she’s been making her dream come true. She’s finally bested the Joker, she’s being taken seriously by Batman and the media… it’s just so great to see her succeed given the show’s recurring themes of glass ceilings and misogyny.

It’s also hilarious. Every joke lands, every weird character works… everything about Harley Quinn is firing on all cylinders.

Could it be?

Is this my new favorite DCU show? Im simultaneously annoyed and happy.

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