Never Has a Movie Never Been More Canadian than ‘Another Wolfcop!’

Imagine a movie filled with all of the Canadian jokes you can think of, made by Canadians, and starring a werewolf cop. Stop imagining… such a thing exists.

It’s Another Wolfcop, the sequel to Wolfcop, obviously.

This time around, werewolf officer Lou Garou (yes, really) comes across a plot by lizard people to reproduce inside the bodies of unsuspecting Canadians via a tainted beer all to… win a hockey game? I think?

Truthfully, if the plot doesn’t make sense, Another Wolfcop doesn’t care. A lot like it’s predecessor, this movie revels in its own ridiculousness, proudly putting all of its time and effort creating something so bad and so crass that it’s practically daring you to hate it because you’re just a square.

The painful truth of the matter, though, is that Another Wolfcop is bad… but it has this guerrilla earnestness about it where everything on the screen comes from a place of pure love.

If I were to compare watching this movie to anything, it would be watching the glory days of USA Up All Night where the weirdest science fiction and horror movies of the 70’s and 80’s found a home. I’m talking classics like Hell Comes to Frogtown and C.H.U.D.II… movies that were not only bad, they were wacky-bad.

Another Wolfcop is just a ridiculous horror comedy, filled with unnecessary gore, gratuitous sex and nudity, and evil plans that make no sense, wrapped in a glorious floor tortilla of humor and served up by a cast and crew having fun and loving what they do.

Yes, it’s bad… and that’s the point. I loved this wacky-bad movie.

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