How it Ends? Disappointingly.

Watching this movie feels like a chore and I don’t mean a chore like taking out the trash or doing the dishes, I mean this is like cleaning a pig sty with a teaspoon.

How It Ends is a slovenly, cheap, and dreary little Netflix movie, or as I heard someone call it, premium direct to video. It’s plodding, lazily sulking from one scene to another without a sliver of joy to be found. This is the kind of movie where fun goes to die.

If that’s not enough to scare you away from this thing that doesn’t deserve two hours of your precious lifespan, this film never seems to have a plan. Like, at all. There’s no underlying theme, there’s no lesson that the protagonist learns, every cliched thing that you think is going to happen, ends up happening, and the very end, what looks like the movie’s only good special effects and action sequence, something one usually sits through these stinkers to see, quite literally sputters out comically like a big ol’ nothingburger.

I’ll tell you How it Ends… disappointingly. Avoid, evade, escape… If this movie ends up in your Netflix queue, cancel your service and burn your television.

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