Galveston: January, 2011

In 2011 I had some inservice in Galveston, Texas and it was really the first time in a long time I’ve had the chance to go anywhere by myself and do what I wanted to do.

Of course, I did the usually touristy things and visited the beach where the Flagship Hotel sat in ruins following a thrashing by Hurricane Ike three years prior.

Being the morbid individual I am, I am fascinated by old cemeteries and Galveston has one that is both historic, beautiful, and yet, neglected to the winds of time. The result is an environment that is compellingly sad and oppressive.

My final foot tour took me to all corners of the island where the famous oak trees of Galveston once stood. Sadly, the trees were killed due to salt water overrunning the island during Hurricane Ike. However, rather than just cut the historic trees down, artists descended on them and carved them into whimsical and beautiful sculptures, giving these former icons a new life.

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