Heroes Reborn: “The Lion’s Den” – The Show is Still Terrible, But At Least It’s Finally Trying to Tell a Story

Tommy’s secret is out, but he soon discovers that even he doesn’t know all of his secrets.   Bennett, in the meantime, has a heart to heart with Erica, Miko and Ren make a play for Miko’s stolen sword, Malina and Farrah are intercepted by bad guys, Carlos seeks out his nephew and uncle, and Luke make a change in his life.

I complain about this show a lot because it spends a lot of time spinning its wheels and going nowhere, not even bothering to do decent character development when it’s doing nothing.  This week, finally, Heroes Reborn feels like it’s ready to start moving the story along and it’s not a moment too soon.

Sure, the characters are still awful and the dialougue is painfully written, and many of the actors are cringe-inducing, but for the first time since this series was squeezed of Tim Kring’s cheeks, I finally feel like I’m starting to get interested in what’s going on.

I am giving credit where credit is due in that regard, but to be honest I’m a little underwhelmed by the true nature of the threat facing Earth.  Then again, maybe I should just thank Pan the Goat God that the show isn’t over-complicating something to the point of lunacy.

Heroes Reborn has still got problems, but at least now there is a glimmer of hope that it’s about to lurch out of its stupor and finally tell a story.

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