The Flash Team Up That Wasn’t: “The Flash of Two Worlds”

Barry Allen meets Jay Garrick, the Flash from a parallel universe who has come to warn them that their Earth is in danger from a malevolent new speedster called “Zoom!”

There’s nothing more soul-crushing than a superhero team up that’s pushed on the audience for months through hype and teasing only to find out that only one superhero showed up while the other is just an ordinary mortal whose powers don’t work.  It felt like a cheat and betrayal, but since I know they’re probably saving Golden Age Flash for a later episode, I won’t complain too much about it.

I will say, though, that the costume doesn’t look near as bad as I thought it would.

All right, so Barry meeting Jay was not what I was expecting and, truth be told, it was kind of dull.  Forgetting all of my fanboy bellyaching about how we were cheated this week out of a proper Flash meet and greet, Barry’s suspicion of Jay and his subsequent reason for not trusting him was predictable and trite… like Barry was being a big baby the entire time and it just seemed suddenly out of character for him.

Sisquo, in the meantime, is developing his superpowers as the writer scramble to get the word “Vibe” put into the script without making it seem too forced (spoiler alert:  they fail).  I’m sure that Sisquo’s powers will be explained further or, at least I hope they will because right now, he looks like he’s channeling that jerk from Minority Report.

I found this episode disappointing.  Call it bitterness or just call it a weak episode… I just think it’s weird that Barry can learn a new skill in ten minutes that just happens to save the day.  The pacing was off, the transitions were jarring, and the characters seemed lost in their own skin.

I wouldn’t call it a bad episode because it did have some amazing nerd moments in it, but it was lukewarm and probably one of the show’s weakest efforts in a long time.

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