Star Wars Rebels Revisits Some Old Friends With “The Lost Commanders” But The Entire Affair is Threat-Lite

The rebels arrive on a distant world to seek the help of a great military leader, but when Kanan finds out that this great military leader is none other than Commander Rex from The Clone Wars, he’d less than thrilled with the prospect of working with Jedi murderers.

I’m a little shocked by the glaring lack of energy that this episode radiated. Sure, it was wonderful to see Commander Cody and the clones again to see what happened to them after Revenge of the Sith, but rarely did I ever have the feeling that there was any real danger for anyone involved. Not when Zeb was being used as bait during that incredibly dull, incredibly silly, and incredible “slinging” thing that they did and not when the probe droid showed up. Even when Wolfe revealed he had betrayed everyone to the Empire, the characters hardly reacted to it.

Wolfe: “I betrayed everyone!”
Rex: “You outta not do that!”
Wolfe: “You’re right. I’m sorry.”
Rex: “S’alright. Go get a cookie!”

The only real conflict that I got from “The Lost Commanders” was from Kanan and his anger towards the clones for what they did during the war. I gotta say words now I never thought I would say: Freddie Prinze, Jr. did an outstanding job a voicing that anger and that sadness. Probably some of the best voice acting that’s not only been done on this show, but The Clone Wars as well.

I wouldn’t call “The Lost Commanders” a bad episode because it most certainly wasn’t, but it was surprisingly threat-lite. After the premiere episode with Darth Vader showing up to kick some booty, it’s disappointing to see this show pull back on the stakes. Hopefully, the second episode will up the ante sufficiently.

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