Minority Report: No More “Mr. Nice Guy” and No More ‘Minority Report’ For Me! I’m Out!

Dash and Vega work together to stop a killer from taking a life, but the problem is… they have no idea who the killer is or who the victim is.  All they know is that it goes down in a single’s bar.

Yeah… I think I’m done with this show.  I hate to throw the towel in this early, but I really don’t see Minority Report getting any better.  It’s the standard cop show formula with a little sci-fi thrown in and, somehow or another, it’s as boring as possible.

The dialogue on this show is just terrible… as if it feels the need to remind their audience that this isn’t set in a contemporary time.  Anytime someone says something about Beyonce being classic music or how people “used” to meet other people on Tinder, I cringe a little… They might as well insert the lines, “We’re in the future now!” onto the end of every line of dialogue in place of a period.

Sure, they’ve built an amazing world for a television series, but they’ve populated it with nothing.  Absolutely nothing… you could interchange this episode with an episode of Criminal Minds or Law and Order with only a minor rewrite.  The ideas are there, but I question if anyone involved in this series gives enough of a darn to actually make it something great.

It’s been sitting on my DVR for a week and, to be quite honest… I just didn’t look forward to it enough to watch it and I kept putting it off and putting it off like an obligation.  When a series becomes an obligation, it’s time to walk away.

And that’s what I’m doing.

I’ll keep my ears open to the scuttlebutt and, if I hear things improve, I may mosey on back to check it out, but my hopes are dim.

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