Scream Queens Takes a “Chainsaw” to Cliched Youth Culture

The Red Devil has got the entire campus on edge as news of the serial killer’s bloody wrath spreads.  Dean Munsch moves into Kappa House with Gigi to keep an eye on Chanel and the rest of the sorority pledges as Grace and Zaday go looking for clues.

Scream Queens has the energy and spunk that Glee started out with (but squandered and eventually sucked the life out of), only there’s more blood and a higher likelihood that characters will eventually die.  Do you have any idea how much longer I would have stuck with Glee if there was a chance Kurt would have been chainsawed?

Of course, this brings up the slightly troubling aspect that Scream Queens could run out its own welcome just as fast as Glee did… if not faster.  The show does seem almost annoyingly self aware at times and the plot is heading into Lost territory where the mystery might be way more interesting than the solution to the whodunit.

For now, though… we’re still good.

Scream Queens may not be entirely intelligent, but it is a lot of fun.  The characters on this show are just awful people, but I love watching them interact with one another trying to make sense of the slasher plot they’ve unwittingly stumbled into.  It’s a parody/satire of today’s youth culture with exaggeration dialed up to around eleven and, personally, I think it’s pretty great.

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