Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Laws of Nature” Hits the Ground Running

The Agents are back.  Sky… or should I say “Daisy” is using her superpowers in the field to bring in other Inhumans before they are exterminated by a rival team while Fitz is out on his own and a little more put together in the head apparently, trying to determine what happened to Simmons after she was sucked up and eaten by the Inhuman’s magical rock.

They certainly hit the ground running this season, didn’t they?  I can’t say I blame them… the show has often wasted its time on tedious stories in the past, so it’s nice to see them just take off and go for broke in the opener with a super-powered action sequence, a new plane, and a new threat that is clearly mapped out and isn’t left annoyingly mysterious just to drag things out.

Speaking of the other team (they have a name, but I’m too lazy to look it up), Coulson even got a great scene with Rosaline, the other team’s leader. I’m loving the chemistry the two characters have and, I must say, I was rather surprised to hear that neither team knew what was happening to the disappearing Inhumans.

Major big props to Iain De Caestecker.  Fitz… I love the guy, but he was so useless last season.  Now, he’s got his stuff together and he’s on a mission.  I really liked seeing Fitz go solo with nary a darn to give and the final scene of him going apespit on the magical stone was intense and heartbreaking.

The scene with the big blue Sonic the Hedgehog looking thing was a lot of fun as well.  We need more superhero action on this show.

The plot tidbits are tasty this time around and make me want to see more.  This is how it’s done.  This is the show I wish Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. had been from the very beginning.

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