Heroes Reborn: “Under the Mask” — The Show That Tries to Do Too Much with Too Little Results

Mr. Bennett and his comedy relief sidekick I cannot be bothered to look his name up for continue to seek out answers for what happened on that fateful day when Hayden Panettiere refused to return to the series Clair died in an explosion.  Meanwhile, Chuck and his wife (other characters I can’t be bothered to look up their names for) continue their evo murder spree until something unexpected complicates things.  Meanwhile, Japanese video game chick runs afoul with the apparent bad guys this season.  Meanwhile, Nightcrawler/Peter Pan uses his powers to defy his mother with dangerous consequences.  Meanwhile, Molly falls into the hands of the bad guys.  Meanwhile, that Hispanic guy steps into the shoes of his brother and becomes Mexican Wrestler Guy.  Meanwhile, somethings going down in the Arctic.

You notice all those “meanwhiles?”  Therein lies the problem with Heroes Reborn… it’s trying to do too much with too many characters and gaining too little results.  I shouldn’t complain too much because, compared to the dull pilot episodes, this one was far more tolerable and at least attempted to advance the plot, but this shattershot delivery where it projectile vomits everything it has at the screen is tiresome and self-defeating.

This series needs some focus and it needs it quickly.

Still, as I said… this was better.  Perhaps once the exposition dump was made in the last two episodes and someone flushed the toilet, the pipes are clear and things can begin to move again.  I’m just concerned as I see the same old problems popping up in this new show like cancers ready to slowly kill it all over again.’

For Heroes Reborn to survive, it needs to trim more fat and connect these willy nilly random stories quickly, otherwise this rebirth will be a short and sad delivery.

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