‘Bojack Horseman’ goes to “Yesterdayland”

Bojack has got a butt full of new fame under his hooves and he’s not adjusting well to it, so when he meets Wendy, a network executive who has spent the last thirty years in a coma, he is fascinated by someone who doesn’t know who he is.

Oh, and meanwhile Todd opens his own Disneyland and it turns out about as well as you would think.

Honestly, as far as a cohesive story goes, this one is not one of BoJack Horseman’s better efforts. While the plot between BoJack and Wendy is fine and quite serviceable to the arch of this season, Todd’s Disneyland story and his falling out with Mr. Peanut Butter is trite, predictable, and falls exactly where you think it’s going to with no surprises and no major laughs.

I’m a little shocked by the lameness of this episode and would even go so far as to call it a lazy effort. Sure, it’s fine, I guess, but BoJack has set a stunningly high bar for itself and when it churns out an episode that can best be described as “average,” it’s a major step down in quality.

I did find the pairing of BoJack and Wendy a sweet one and, BoJack getting with a woman who doesn’t know him fits in with his efforts to be less of a narcissist, but it’s no major spoiler here to see that this relationship is doomed to disaster. I mean, heck… the symbolism of them embracing while the world burns down around them was pretty obvious.

If you’re not a fan of the show, “Yesterdayland” would be a serviceable half hour, but this is a noticeable drop in quality to a long time viewer.

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