“Teen Wolf”: Scott has Performance Issues in “Ouroboros”

Liam and Hayden are prisoners of the Dread Doctors, Sheriff Stilinski and Scott’s mom are at odds due to a certain dead body, Deaton follows the trail of the Dreads and comes face to face with the mysterious Desert Wolf, Scott is losing more and more confidence in himself, and Theo is still a two-faced little prig.

I’m beginning to see the theme of this season. Essentially, Scott is without his mentors. Deaton is off trying to solve a mystery on his own, Derek has been MIA since last season finale, and Scott is a Senior – the big man on campus – in more than one way. With “Ouroboros,” he’s having performance anxiety and facing an enemy that can beat him not only in a physical battle, but also psychologically using his own doubts against him.

Scott is in charge and everything is falling apart. In a sense, he’s living his worst fears and it only gets worse for him in every episode. Now, with Theo becoming the hero of the group and Kira abandoning Scott to go on the run from the Doctors, he’s never been more alone.

This season has been an amazing season for Teen Wolf and “Ouroboros” is no exception. While I think it stumbled a bit with the otherwise impeccable progression and pace that has been set this season, it didn’t disappoint in revealing a little about the mystery of the Dread Doctors which has been a tantalizing mystery at that.

More than that, I absolutely love how the sheriff and Scott’s mother opposed each other in this episode. The fact that neither one of them is completely wrong and both have perfectly defensible yet compatible views make the drama between them real and believable and Stile’s continued guilt over causing Donovan’s death a few episodes back is still eating away at him.

The houses built on lies are starting to crumble.

There’s any number of ways that this season can go and the unpredictability of it all is very exciting. Even the addition of the Desert Wolf, a wild card to be sure, is wonderfully out of left field.

Only a few more episodes left. Scott has really got to get his stuff in gear and Teen Wolf better have a brilliant end game to this madness.

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