‘Bojack Horseman’ and the Search for Herb’s Gold in “Still Broken.”

After his long battle with cancer, Herb Kazzaz has died and Bojack and the rest of the cast of his old sitcom, Horsin’ Around, have reluctantly reunited and go on a treasure hunt for Herb’s Gold.

Bojack Horseman is a show about failure and depression and this season it’s asking if some people are just doomed to be unhappy. To wit, we are introduced to the other members of the Horsin’ Around family: Sara Lynn who is still a drug addict, Joelle is struggling actress who has moved off to England and co-opted the appropriate accent, and Bradly has left the business all together.

For the long-awaited Horsin’ Around reunion episode, this was rather underwhelming. Out of all of the events from Bojack’s past, his dealings with Herb have haunted him the most and, give their final meeting last season, perhaps I was just hoping for more than just a hunt for his lost manuscript.

Still, though the plot doesn’t have enough whelm to it, the voice cast more than makes up for it with their portrayals of the burned out adults that resulted from the Horsin’ Around kids. Wendy Schaal, for example, never fails to make me laugh as the spoiled drug-addled Sara Lynn and I really hope we end up seeing more of her later. Still, you have to wonder if the kids are as doomed to unhappiness as Bojack is.

The side plots of Princess Caroline and Mr. Peanutbutter schmoozing at Herb’s funeral and Todd reinventing himself as “Toad” are hardly worth writing about since they were really nothing more than time fillers, though Princess Caroline did have some good moments and it was fun seeing Mr. Peanutbutter as the jerk for once and not the one getting jerked.

It was weaker than most of the special moment episodes that Bojack Horseman has done in the past, but it has enough of those special moments to save it from averageness and allows itself to become more real than most cartoons have a chance to get.

I just hope that Herb can live on through more flashbacks. I seriously love the character.

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