Final Space’s, “Until the Sky Falls” is a non-stop apocalyptic assault

Back on the ruined Earth, the Lord Commander makes a play for a mysterious new prize and Avacato and Cheryl take the Galaxy 2 to stop him as the rest of the Team Squad race to activate an anti-titan defense grid.

There are episodes that are slow burn character studies, there are episodes that are action packed, and then there are episodes like, “Until the Sky Falls” that honestly feel like you’ve been hit by a flame thrower of non-stop action, so much so that, when it’s over, you have to sit down and rest because you’re just exhausted. Despite the fact that this may sound like a condemnation, it most certainly is not… “Until the Sky Falls” is the gonads to the grinder action epic that we honestly needed, a rip-roaring, cosmically sized cataclysm that advances the story and sets up even bigger things for the future.

Thinking about the events of this episode, I’m honestly amazed at how well-paced it was. Last week was a let down in this department as it seemed rushed, not enough time spent on things that deserved it. This week, however, everything and everyone got their due from Avacato and Little Catto, to Gary and Cheryl, to even Kevin Van Newton and Biskit. The entire cast got a chance to shine (some brighter than others) and I really appreciated that.

Another thing I appreciated is that the stakes and the action were simple and easy to understand. Nothing got convoluted, nothing got complicated. Normally, a little bit of both, I don’t mind, but when the episode is 95 percent action and movement, I do enjoy it when things are easy to follow.

One thing that I did not enjoy was the wordiness, especially during the scene when Avacato and the Lord Commander had their little conversation. The dialogue seemed… I don’t know… unnecessary? Did we really need the explainer in the middle of an action sequence? Was it really wise for the Lord Commander and Avacato to tell each other what they were planning right then and right there? It just seemed a little forced and, in hindsight, rather foolish.

That was a minor quibble though because the episode was an outstanding ride.

The ending of this episode showcased what is probably their greatest failure and, coming off an episode of non-stop struggle and sacrifice where the price was incalculable… it hurt. You could seriously feel how badly it hurt. This is the proverbial out of the pot and into the fire, only you’re soaked in gasoline and everything else is on fire because you accidentally jumped into Hell too.

Perhaps “Until the Sky Falls” is not perfect, but as John Goodspeed would say, “It’s good enough for me.” The ending sequence was both a thing of beauty and terror, a revelation and a revulsion. I’ve said before that Final Space is about good people trying to do good things. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail, but they keep on trying.

And I will keep on watching. Final Space is definitely a series I have become hopelessly invested in because it does so many things so well. Cosmic horror, comedy, action, drama, tragedy… More people should be watching this extraordinary little show.

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