“Cornered” continues the upwards momentum of The Bad Batch

Low on supplies and needing to scramble their ship’s beacon to keep from being detected, the Bad Batch make a landing on an alien planet, only to discover that they are being tailed by a bounty hunter.

While this episode did make use of the old and tired “kid wanders off and gets lost” trope that, honestly, I kind of thought that Omega was too smart to fall for, it more than makes up for it with its character building and the hints of where this show is about to go.

Basically, as was stated in this episode by Wrecker of all people, the Bad Batch are having to adjust to civilian life where supplies aren’t just handed to them. It’s take this crew of normally unshakable and indestructible soldiers and has both shaken them and made them vulnerable. This is development that is both logical and fun to watch… to see what are basically walking, talking stereotypes and making them grow outside of the mold they were created in.

Some of the comedy rubbed me the wrong way, such as Echo being mistaken for a droid and his complete incompetence at keeping up the guise, but for the most part, it was a strong character piece.

I was very happen to see Ming Na Wen’s character from The Mandalorian, Fennec Shand, make an animated appearance. The more Ming Na Wen, the better and, of course, it further canonizes the events of the animated series which I simply adore. Fennic is just as cool in this series as she is in The Mandalorian… both chilling and warm at the same time. I just love this character so much.

Even though I don’t like that Omega bumbled off on her own, she was, once again, not written in an annoying manner, but rather resourceful and I appreciate that. I do like the pragmatic nature of this show how The Bad Batch is always up to solving problems… I just kind of which they could solve their problems without Wrecker getting traumatic brain injuries.

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