“Finn and Jake Are Together Again” gives us an emotional final curtain to Adventure Time

Okay, okay… I know there’s one more special on the way, but… let’s be honest. This was the end as was intended. I’m going to treat it that way.

“Finn and Jake are Together Again” begins with Finn’s death. Excited that he has shucked the mortal coil, Finn rushes to the Dead Worlds to find his best pal, Jake the Dog, only to discover that Jake isn’t waiting for him and that there is a new Death in charge of things and he’s really mucking things up in the afterlife.

I really didn’t expect to be sucked in to this special the way I was. Adventure Time was a show that I binged in its entirety during the pandemic and I loved every moment of it, but none of it really affected me emotionally as this episode did. This 45 minute final adventure of Jake and Finn is so sweet and so poignant that I know I’m going to be watching it again as soon as I have time.

“Finn and Jake are Together Again” is like that glorious run around the bases after you’ve hit a home run. You wave at beloved characters, but you don’t linger on them, you pass by each wonderfully weird setting as though they are the bases, but you don’t stop very long… your eye is on home plate, the reunion with Jake, and when you get there, there is much celebrating.

It all culminates in one last fight against an enemy and an ending that is beautiful and poignant, a true love letter to the purest of friendships.

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