Castlevania sticks the landing

All in all, I guess you could say that Castlevania had a bloody good finish.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

What is undoubtedly the greatest video game adaptation of all time came to a rip-roaring close and you can be sure that I was there for it. Castlevania, in a sense, became Game of Thrones for vampires, only it knew how to end properly.

Trevor and Sypha are on the road together hunting vampires and night creatures while Alucard has resigned himself to being a hermit in his own castle, following the betrayal last season, however, rumblings in the countryside tell them that a conspiracy is afoot to bring Dracula back from the dead and fate brings them ever and ever closer as Carmilla and her vampire armies seek to create a new dark empire.

My goodness, this series has been a treat. The writing never disappointed, the animation was always amazing, and the action was always top-notch. I’m glad that it bowed out when it did before the story became too convoluted to control, but dang… I’m going to miss this series. I’m going to miss the characters. I’m going to miss the violence, the blood, the gore. I’m going to miss being able to say, “Hey, here’s that thing based on a video game that isn’t pure trash!”

What I liked most of all about this final season is that Castlevania takes time to bring closure to all of the major characters. Issac and Hector could have easily been forgotten, but their journey comes full circle in some of the best writing I’ve seen in an animated series. I’d wager that Issac is probably one of my favorite characters.

Lenore is given a moment to shine as a farewell and even Morana and Striga, two side characters with maybe 10 minutes of screeentime total are given a final scene that is brief, but effective.

Castlevania ends as it should — a final battle and an entire episode for everyone to catch their breath. Characters evolve and get happy endings, even some that don’t necessarily deserve it.

I think Alucard says it best, “I’m strangely happy.” I agree… the show is over and I will miss it, but I’m strangely happy that it ended the way it did: Still burning bright like the sun.

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