The Bad Batch still isn’t that good with, “Cut and Run.”

On the run from the new Galactic Empire, the Bad Batch reuniting with Cut, a clone who deserted years ago and started a family. This is a little weird, of course, because The Bad Batch never met Cut and his family in The Clone Wars, so it begs the question of how many people knew about this clone that was supposed to be kept a secret?

Anyway, Cut and his family, weary of the Empire quickly taking over their home planet and decide to leave and the Bad Batch decide to help them get around the Empire’s new security protocols. Hunter also makes a difficult decision about Omega’s future.

A standard episode for this series, I wouldn’t necessarily call it bad, but it does appear to be the same old same old. Same old boring characters, the same old boring character traits, a bunch of walking stereotypes doing and saying things while there is occasional pew-pew and bang-bang.

It occurred to me that this series has the same characterizations as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You have the leader, the smart one, the dumb brawler, the clueless one, and the girl one. Same dynamic. Heck, it’s the same dynamic of most 80s and 90s cartoon shows and that’s why it already feels so stale.

There is no one to get invested in, the danger never feels real, and the characters, when compared to The Clone Wars, seem juvenile and shallow.

I really hope this is part of the plan and that we’re going to see The Bad Batch grow out of their stereotypes and become more than the soldiers they were born to be because I honestly cannot fathom a show like this holding my interest.

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