“Forgiveness” is the undisputed best episode of Final Space ever

Whenever I look at an episode like “Forgiveness,” and then think back to the season one episodes of Gary being complete klutz simply for comedy sake, I wonder out loud how this could be the same series. 

Not hating on the first season, but the evolution of this series into what it is now can only be compared to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  For goodness sake, I just watched thirty minutes of not only the best character work that Final Space has done, it’s some of the most powerful character work I have seen in years:  All of it impactful, all of it emotional, and all of it truly earned.

First of all, can someone please give an Emmy, an Annie, and a Golden Globe to Olan Rogers for his performance in this installment and then melt them all down into some kind of super-award and make that award second place because it’s not good enough to award him?   Roger’s performance in “Forgiveness” was a devastatingly emotional and raw execution and it never seemed to stop.  From his guilt at the death of Fox to his anger and love for Avacato, this is one of the best vocal performances I’ve witnessed in years and I was absolutely enraptured in it.  The sadness and grief were so palpable, I shudder to think of the pain that Olan drew it from.

It’s hard to believe Gary is the same guy who made out with a refrigerator two seasons ago.  Where did this man come from?

There are so many high points to point out that I have to conceed that the entire episode is nothing but a high point. From Little Cato’s words at the funeral, to Ash’s rendezvous with Evra, to the blowup between Gary and Avacato. Everything and I do mean everything worked.

I very much enjoyed Ash’s journey. Meeting Evra who is a neat, science fictiony alien who unknowingly helped our girl deal with some heavy issues. Evra was a lot of fun and impossible not to like and it seemed perfectly natural for Ash to latch onto her as she was drowning in a sea of sorrow.

The scene between Gary and Avacato truly broke my heart as this is the most vulnerable Avacato has ever been. Cody Galloway certainly didn’t spare the metaphorical horses either as he and Rogers fed into each other, creating a scene that honestly brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful.

Not to mention that the animation in the fight scenes and especially the incredibly emotive facial expressions were fantastic and only put an exclamation mark on a masterpiece of a scene.

So, that’s it. “Forgiveness” is, and I make no exaggeration when I say this, the best episode Final Space has ever done. It was saturated in drama, coated in meaningful character development, it took everything from the previous episode and gave it consequence. It’s hard to believe, but almost all of this episode was drama with minimal comedy and I’m amazed with how okay I am with that.

Who would have thought?

Final Space doesn’t need the comedy.

And, for the record, this is the perfect amount of Tribore. You know… for future reference.

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