“One of Us” Brings Final Space Back Into Focus

As the team squad is about to have their souls sacrificed to Invicus, the Lord Commander takes a special interest in Ash. Meanwhile, Quinn makes a devastating discovery and Gary rides to his friend’s rescue.

I’ve been lamenting a strange disconnect on Final Space lately as the show took up a split format of a barely connected A and B plot. Thankfully, with “One of Us,” the show has returned with more focus and coherence, making it infinitly more enjoyable.

This week’s episode hit all the sweet spots. The comedy was sharper than usual, with clever setups and callbacks that ended up even coming to a hilarious head in the climax itself. “One of Us” seems to be pulsating with an energetic joy even with the heavy events that take place.

It is so great to have David Tennant’s Lord Commander back in a regular role. I just love the character: Dark and evil, while at the same time, frustrated and awkward. In a strange way, I almost find myself relating to the guy when everything goes wrong for him. I’ve had those days at work, only with slightly less telekinetic homicide.


If “One of Us” has anything working against it, it is the underuse of Ash and especially Fox. Ash has barely had any lines this season and Fox has been neglected as a character so long that it’s hard to hold him in the necessary regard for the ending to work the way it was intended.

Biskit proved himself essential this week, so he’s gotten a reprieve from my vanilla loathing, but only a little. I’m still not sure about this guy.

Have I also mentioned that H.U.E. was written especially well this week? He’s such a great character.

Can I also say how adorably awkward Gary and Cheryl’s reunion is? I enjoy that these two haven’t fallen into an easy routine and we’re reminded that they have a long way to go. It was honestly one of the things I was afraid we’d lose in the time jump in the premiere.

Even the wacky uneeded Tribore sidequest proved to be a silly, welcomed diversion that knew when to appear, how long to stick around, and then retreat again until needed.

Overall, this could very well be my favorite episode of the season so far. It was held back from its full potential by a lack of necessary characterization, but none the less, the show has gotten a second wind and new life, not to mention five or six ticking clocks which only add to the fun.

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