The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special is a Gloriously Stupid, Completely Harmless, Silly, and Forgettable Low Effort Diversion

If you are one of us poor unfortunate souls who subjected themselves to the Star Wars Holiday Special, you know that it achieves a level of badness that even the worst of all things don’t teach.  Simply put, it’s probably the worst thing in the history of anything ever.

This is why a new Star Wars Holiday Special is a frightening, yet intriguing prospect.  On one hand, it could be completely stupid, but on the other hand, it could be completely stupid.  Thankfully, and rather surprisingly, it’s completely stupid… but in a good way.

Picking up sometime after The Rise of Skywalker, Rey is trying to train Finn as a Jedi, but feels like a failure and skips out on Life Day to open a portal in a Jedi temple that allows her to travel through time and space to other Star Wars movies.

Yes, really.

Eventually, Darth Vader pursues her through time and the Emperor teams up with Rylo Renn.

I’m not going to lie… this is dumb, but it’s dumb in a glorious way.   It’s self aware and knows it’s dumb and doesn’t care.   This Holiday Special is going to have fun whether you like it or not.

But is it funny?

It has its moments. Strangely enough, the special only slows down when it attempts to tell an actual story. When it consisted of random short interludes as Rey traveled aimlessly through time, the humor and energy were strong.

The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special isn’t a classic and probably won’t be well remembered which is a shame because the potential was there. Honestly, I think that it tried too hard to appeal to a single demographic of kids and teens when, honestly, it could have gone for a wider audience and fared better. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting The Lego Movie, but I was expecting something that played against expectations and wasn’t just a generic holiday special at its core.

I just have the feeling like the idea was A teir material, but no one cared enough to develop it into an A teir special. As if they said, “Yeah, that’s good enough” and then cashed their check.

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