“The Heiress” is just an absolute Star Wars Treat even if The Mandalorian seems to be losing its heart

Coming off the coattails of the most recent, disappointing Mandalorian adventure, the series has a respectable bounceback with “The Heiress,” featuring the second live-action appearance of character from the animated Star Wars series… and I say second because Chopper briefly appeared in Rogue One and if you didn’t know that, you’re not a true fan!

After dropping off the completely likeable and not at all grating “Frog Lady” from the last episode, Mando books passage with some n’er do wells and falls into a trap, only to be rescued by the Mandalorians he was seeking out, led by none other than Bo Katan from The Clone Wars animated series and played pitch perfect by Katie Sackoff, who also voiced the character in the animated series.

Yes, I know that this is one of those reveals that only deep-cut Star Wars nerds such as myself scream for, but I love, love, love the official canonizing of the animated properties because, let’s face it… the animated series have some of the best Star Wars moments buried within them. Asoka’s dual with Darth Vader is, to me at least, Star Wars’ most emotional and crowning achievement and I will gladly die defending that hill.

But, still, how did this character affect The Mandalorian? Quite well, as it turns out. “The Heiress” introduced some new concepts and new plot tidbits, it slyly picked up the mostly forgotten Dark Saber reveal from last season’s finale, and it’s leading us to an even better character from the animated series next week that, quite frankly, I’m on pins and needles about.

The episode was mostly action, all shot very well, even though I find that the series is sort of losing its heart among the seemingly never-ending action and special effects sequences. Personally, I’d like to see more bonding between Mando and the kid, even if it’s nothing more than a minute long scene of cuteness. Maybe it’s just me, but Mando seems a little more… I don’t know… cold to Baby Yoda here? If he’s emotionally detaching, we need a scene for that.

Or, maybe he’s just ashamed that he’s in such close proximity to a child-murder?

Still, it was a pretty good episode and a definite improvement from last week’s unfortunate adventure. I know it’s only been three episodes, but I’m eager for The Mandalorian to regain the “must watch” factor that it seems to have lost with me lately. At this rate, it might just do that.

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