Bill and Ted Face the Music rehashes what came before, but it is still charming and fun

Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey is one of the bravest sequels ever made and that is a hill that I will gladly die on. It took the idea that spawned the first movie and went in a completely different direction in it, turning into a supernatural comedy with some very effective moments of abstract humor and horror that was, in some ways, stronger than the original movie. For this reason, Bogus Journey is one of the best sequels ever made. Fight me.

I say this because I guess I was expecting more of this from the incredibly delayed third movie, Bill and Ted Face the Music which finds Bill and Ted 30 years later, still not having written the song that was supposed to unite the world. The Great Ones from the future are seriously upset over this and tell them that, if they don’t write that song in 77 hours, all of space and time will unravel and the universe will be destroyed.

But, you know… no pressure.

And so, Bill and Ted decide to travel forward into the future to see if they can get the songs from their older selves all while their daughters do a little time traveling of their own to help.

First of all, the movie is fine. It’s not wholly original as it does retread a lot of the ground not only covered by the first movie, but the second movie as well. They time travel, die, and go back to Hell. It’s never that original and never that surprising. This movie sets out to be a comforting blanket of nostalgia and, if that was its intention, I suppose I can’t fault it.

But, I am disappointment because I wanted something different.

The humor and story is pretty consistent, but there does come a time around the halfway mark where it seems like the movie is struggling to find purpose and timing and, as a result, things dip into a mire. The movie does end with a strong climax, even if parts of that climax feel needlessly rushed.

Overall, though, even though the lack of originality was a bummer, Bill and Ted Face the Music is just fine and, compared to other long-delayed sequels, that might as well be a gold medal pinned to its chest.

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