“The Runaway Bridesmaid” closes out Harley Quinn’s second season just like we knew it was going to end, but that’s okay.

Doctor Psycho is defeated, Gotham City is safe, and Poison Ivy is totally going to marry Kite Man. Harley Quinn is resigned to stay away from the ceremony to keep from inadvertently ruining it, but when she learns that Jim Gordon is planning to raid it and arrest all of the supervillains in attendance.

Okay, I’ve been saying for months now that the Ivy and Kite Man wedding wouldn’t happen and, given that this episode is literally titled, “The Runaway Bridesmaid,” it’s not hard to guess what happens.

In retrospect, although I don’t think that this was anywhere near a bad or even a mediocre episode, I do think that it was a mistake to actually have the wedding take place. To me, the wedding and subsequence cop invasion left little time for Harley and Ivy and Kite Man to reach the place they reach at the end of the episode and, therefore, that journey is abrupt and sudden. Kite Man, quite literally, turns on a dime and calls the wedding off. You know, I get where he was coming from and his frustration and anger were well justified, but he literally went from lovesick to ending the wedding in less than two minutes.

I said last week that it was important that these characters get an epilogue and time to digest what happened. Unfortunately, that doesn’t transpire and I think that the finale suffers for it.

Now, that being said, the episode that we get isn’t terrible. I enjoyed it quite a bit and got a lot of satisfaction from the jokes and gags that were presented. Almost all of the gang got a proper sendoff, but I do feel like King Shark got shafted. I do have to give it up for Clayface’s hilarious operatic solo.

As I said, this episode ends with Harley and Ivy driving off into the sunset together which is exactly what I predicted would happen. It was predictable, yes, but it was satisfying to see them end up together and accept their relationship even if the way they finally got there was iffy.

While the series does drop some interesting tidbits for next season, I would actually be okay if this is the end. The characters are left in good places, the loose ends are tied up appropriately, and Harley and Ivy doing a Thelma and Louise works as an ending.

That being said, I do want a third season. This series has been too good to only be around for two seasons… burning bright and then burning out. I’m all for seeing the further adventures of Harley and Ivy as they travel the world being antiheroes. There’s just still so much potential to just end it now.

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