‘Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ reunites us with BMO

I have a rather chilling confession to make here: I have never finished watching Adventuretime.

I know… I’m sorry.

There are just so many episodes and so many adventures. I loved it… there’s an innocent kind of casualness about the show and, yet, it continues to tell an interesting story with memorable characters. I’m enjoying my journey through this series.

Which is why I was a little hesitant to watch Distant Lands. I didn’t know if I would be lost or if it would spoil the surprises to come but, since I have no self control, I watched it anyway and found myself relieved that “BMO” at least is a very nice, self contained adventure following the lovable little robot game system.

BMO is in space on his way to Mars when a mysterious space goo knocks him off course and sends him to a space station populated by a diverse group of aliens who are all competing with each other over the resources that are left on the failing station. There, BMO decides he must save the day with the help of some new friends.

It’s a nice, relatively simple story with a simple moral message that doesn’t clobber you over the head with that message. BMO is an adorable little guy and so much fun to watch. It’s been great watching him on a solo adventure.

I even enjoyed how the show humanized the bad guys, even in the show’s final moments.

I will say that, for this being a 45 minute special based on a show where the episodes were only about 11 minutes long, Distant Lands doesn’t ever feel like it drags or that it is full of filler. This is a 45 minute adventure that feels like it needs to be a 45 minute adventure.

I’m interested to see how this series progresses with the additional three specials. I’m kind of hoping I can get more of the main series watched before the next new episode, but like I said… there’s just so many of them!

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