“Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!” gives an unexpected and hilarious origin for some other Disney heroes.

Launchpad and Dewey get lost in a VR secret agent video game when Steelbeak invades their virtual reality in order to do away with them before they inadvertently interfere with F.O.W.L.’s plans.

There’s so much to cover with this episode which isn’t plot heavy, but instead relies on the raw comedy which is great because the comedy was golden this time around.

So much to say! First of all, Steelbeak is hilarious. Although I am miffed that Rob Paulson isn’t providing the voice anymore and the deeper tone provided by Jason Mantzoukas is off-putting to a longtime Disney Afternoon fan such as myself, the disconnect disappears after a while and you really appreciate the new approach to Steelbeak, making him stupider than he’s ever been before, but strangely more confident. I really like how Steelbeak and Launchpad both suffer from the same ailment: Low intelligence, high confidence. It made them great foils for each other.

The entire episode was a series of gags, the majority of which landed beautifully. My favorite was the unexpected origin of Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers happening in the background as the story went on, culminating in the rodent gang actually saving the day. I really hope this wasn’t just a one-off gag and that we’re going to see these guys come back again.

It’s really great that Launchpad is getting so much developemnt. He really seems much less like a walking joke than he was in the original series. While he does have an overabundance of confidence, he also has such a sweet vulnerability in that he knows that he’s not incredible smart and is always afraid that it’s going to cost him his closest friends. To me, it makes him more rounded and relatable. Who hasn’t been unsure of their standing in their own family?

I loved this episode. As I said, it didn’t really advance the F.O.W.L. plot other than reminding us that F.O.W.L. is a thing which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with them being a background menace.

Ducktales is quickly becoming the Disney cinematic universe and I love it.

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