Even by Tiger King standards, “The Tiger King and I” is garbage

Never let it be said that Netflix doesn’t recognize an unlikely phenomenon and won’t capitalize on it even when time and circumstances aren’t on their side.

Take the “new episode” of their hit documentary, Tiger King. To call it a new episode would be the most charitable act since Scrooge paid for Tiny Tim’s doctor. This isn’t an episode, it’s an after show and even calling it an after show is being kind… it’s more like a glorified Zoom meeting hosted by a comedian who knows it’s a dumpster fire and opening acknowledges that it’s terrible and that the circumstances are terrible and that the execution is terrible.

Here’s the deal: I know that Tiger King is a horrid and exploitative dumpster fire, but the whole thing was so trashy and so outrageous that it was impossible not to get sucked into. Through all of the betrayals and strong personalities and twists and turns, the entire thing was just fascinating… moreso since it was a real event which, to be honest, barely seems possible.

The idea of additional episodes is, quite frankly, an exciting one. What’s going to happen to Joe Exotic or Cowie or Saff or the zoo or those poor animals? Will Carole ever be investigated for the disappearance of her husband? Will Jeff be brought to justice as well? Will Joe rot in jail? Was he set up?

He wasn’t. Obviously.

The thing is, the potential for new episodes or even a whole other season is there, but Netflix just couldn’t wait…. they just had to cobble something together in the midst of a global pandemic where no new footage could be shot which was… so dumb.

Watching this “episode” was just like watching a Zoom meeting, only without the amusing backgrounds. While it was nice to see what’s become of Cowie, Saff, and a few other people in the documentary, I would have much rather have seen it happen in new episodes a year out.

This was Netflix trying to strike while the iron was hot, and accidentally knocking that iron off the ironing board, starting a fire that burns the whole house down. I know that Tiger King was hot garbage, but this “episode” was akin to the maggots you can find squirming inside the hot garbage.

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