Harley Quinn brings hope to a world gone mad (I’m talking about our world, not Gotham City).

Last season, Harley Quinn finally bested the Joker just as a massive earthquake struck Gotham City and Batman went missing in the aftermath. Now, the city is in chaos, cut off from the United States, and Harley Quinn is reveling in the anarchy.

The problem is, the villains of Gotham City, are looking to carve up the city for themselves and this is seriously putting a dent in Harley’s wacky wonderland and something that she takes personally.

I know I’ve said this before, but one thing that I liked about Harley Quinn is that it took the character and forced her to grow, it made her independent, it made her more sure of herself, and it forced her to become the villain that she never knew that she needed to be.

Now that Joker is gone, Harley needs a new personal mission and “New Gotham” is smart enough to hand it right to her: Her new mission is to become a leader… the boss. She has a new goal and it’s going to be a lot of fun watching her claw her way towards it.

The episode is a load of fun. Jim Gordon is such a pathetic guy that you can’t help but feel a measure of pity for him and “New Gotham” just makes it worse and worse for him… kicking him while he’s down and bringing him to his breaking point. Still, you really have to admire his resolve and his determination to continue being a cop in a world without laws. I don’t care how pathetic and unhinged you are, you really are a damn good cop, Jim Gordon.

Robin’s small cameo was a lot of fun, Bane continues to be hilarious, and I do love how there are lasting consequences to the bad guys in this show when they double cross and triple cross each other. It makes the stakes that much higher and only serves to invest me further into the conflicts.

Haha…. this is a Harley Quinn cartoon. Why am I typing those words?

Again, this is a series that is miles better than it has any right to be and I’m so eternally grateful that they didn’t make us wait too long for the second season. We need a little wonderful chaos in these terribly chaotic times.

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