“Dangerous Debt” is better, but still feels like the Clone Wars story that won’t end.

Imagine that you have a guest that comes to visit one day. You haven’t seen this person in years and, at first, you’re glad that they’re back because you have so many fond memories of them and, for the first day, that’s great… you’re just glad they’re back.

But then, they start farting and it’s atrocious. The kind of farts that water your eyes and kill your houseplants. The kind of farts that are deep, mean, and lingering… and it never stops. On day two, you’re just wondering why this person is here and what can you do to get rid of them.

On day three… there’s no more farting. It’s better, but the air is still fouled, your plants are still dead, and your dog has run away.

That’s my summation of the Ahsoka arch so far. Part one: Hooray! Ahsoka is back! Day Two: Wow, this really stinks. Day Three: Okay, it’s not as bad as it was, but now my house is filthy and my life is ruined.

When last we left Ahsoka, Raffa, and Trace – thanks to a series of forehead-slappingly stupid decisions, – they had been taken prisoner by the villainous Pike syndicate where they are imprisoned, tortured, escape, are recaptured, escape, are recaptured… and on and on and on.

So, yeah… the incredibly stupid decisions that led them to being prisoners are absent and, in their place, the writers try to give Raffa and Trace a backstory about why they hate the Jedi so much which is good…not great or that original, but good. The result is another episode that isn’t terrible, but isn’t great either… mostly because my house still smells like fart from the last episode.

Is this a fair summation? Probably not, but when you do an arch like this, every bit counts and last week’s episode was so terrible that it’s basically tainted everything that’s some before and after… if it was to recover, it needed to knock it out of the park and it didn’t even come close. Good is simply not good enough to salvage this story.

Basically, the entire episode is the three characters spinning their wheels and going nowhere. They start in custody and they end in custody. The story isn’t advanced, but they at least try to give some depth to these characters… which is two episodes too late, in my opinion.

I don’t like Raffa, I don’t like Trace, and honestly… even Ahsoka’s purposefully naive moral lecturing is making me tired of her and, personally, I love Ahsoka.

Do you have any idea how badly a television series has to mess up to make me dislike a character I loved only three episodes ago?

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