The Mandalorian Episode 4: I Don’t Like Sand. It’s coarse…

The Mandalorian has been a wonderful show, blazing new trails into an old universe but one thing it has not done, aside from a few Easter eggs here and there, is wrap itself in a warm comforting blanket of nostalgia.

At least not until this week.

This week, Mandi and Baby Yoda boldly went to planet Tattoine where the Star Wars saga first started and, not only did they go to Tattoine, but right into the middle of Mos Eisley itself.

This was not just nostalgia, this was pure crystal nostalgia injected right into your veins.

Everything was there… the cantina, the hangar where the Millennium Falcon was first seen, pit droids, and name dropping the Hutts and Beggars canyon. Just the mention of these things makes me happy.

The episode itself was better than average. Nothing entirely surprising or deep, but rather another retelling of a tried and true western story which, for this series, works though, I have to admit, I rather miss the Mandalorian being a silent character. Nothing against Pedro Pascal, but the silent episodes are just so good.

Every frame of this episode could be hung as art, every mention and cameo was wonderful, and revisiting old locations is always a plus. I do have to admit that I enjoyed seeing a post-Empire Tattoine and the Mandalorian’s tolerant side as he negotiated with the Tuskan Raiders. It just adds more to his character.

Great episode.

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