It’s All Coming to a Head, but the Pimple Won’t Pop: ‘Titans’ Drops Another Boring Duece with “Faux-Hawk”

This is the second to last episode of the season, but you wouldn’t know it because this show just loves to screw around. It draws out every little story thread it can, wearing them out and making them stringy… barely holding the plot together. Anything interesting is pushed to the side for angst soap operas and some characters are all but forgotten in the shuffle. How many episodes has Superboy actually been in? Like, four or five? All season?

While the show is actually trying to be a superhero show, it works. Donna and Dove interrogating the Cadmus guy with the lasso of truth was a lot of fun. Just a couple of gals being all BA and casual, not even in costume… they were just doing superhero stuff and that’s awesome.

Slightly less awesome was Hawk fighting in cage matches, but at least he was in costume and, for the most part, acted like he was having a good time. The fighting sequences were fun to watch.

The rest of the episode not so much. There was more infighting, more drama… more revelations that we already know.

Actually, I really have to hand it to Curran Walters in this episode. I’ve not been the biggest fan of Jason Todd or the way he’s been written or portrayed, but a lot of care seems to have gone into humanizing his character the last few episodes and his reaction to Rose’s revelation was pretty gut wrenching and realistic. Dude just melted down and didn’t know what to do and just lashed out in every direction trying to hurt someone like he had been hurt. It was super-effective.

Not much else was. The sequences between Jericho and Slade were cliche, the sequences between Raven and Starfire were headslappingly dumb — Why a character who loses their powers never tells people that they have a problem is beyond stupid — and Dick’s one brief scene was nothing but a tease for the eventual reveal of Nightwing next week… in the last episode of the season… just as I predicted.

This hasn’t been a good show this year and, honestly, I don’t see it improving next week.

At least the Harley Quinn show looks like it’s going to give us a break from all of this angst.

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