Rick and Morty stage the Heist to End all Heists in “One Flew Over the Crew-Coo’s Nest”

Rick runs afoul of a heist and, hating the over-complicated cliche, decides to put and end to them once and for all, but accidentally creates the heist to end all heists… at least, he hopes so.

If there’s something I love about this season of Rick and Morty, it’s that the show is not shy about allowing Rick to be seen as the multiverse’s biggest hypocrite. Sure, he’s a flawed character and, if you idolize him, you’re missing the point, but to actually show him as a hypocrite is just so much fun. He’s the proverbial anti-vaxxer who makes sure to get himself a flu shot.

This episode is incredible with many genuine laugh out loud moments. While I myself love heist movies/episodes and always will, I found myself annoyed with this episode at first and then elated when I saw where it was going. Not only does it make fun of the heist genre, but it also lovingly caresses its cheek, warts and all.

The jokes come fast and consistently and just about all of them land. When the episode becomes more and more convoluted and ridiculous, the story truly shines and becomes an instant classic in my opinion.

In closing, let me just say that it’s great to have an episode of Rick and Morty not end with one of the characters having a crisis… I mean, yeah, Morty was disenchanted, but it was part of the story and the payoff to a gag so I’ll let that one slide.

Also, how awesome it is that Elon Musk actually voiced his own caricature? The man is crazy… but I respect that.

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