Look Out ‘Below!’ This is an Overlooked Horror Movie You Need to See!

Let’s say you sat through Ghost Ship

First of all… I am sooooo sorry. 

Secondly, it might have turned you off to any kind of nautical ghost story for the rest of your days.  Well, ironically, about the same time that Ghost Ship was pitifully haunting movie theaters, a movie about a haunted submarine was also making its rounds.  However, with the dismal failure of K-19: The Widowmaker the studios, in their finite wisdom, chose to give Below a limited release… sinking it in a sea of obscurity.

Which is a complete shame because, believe me, this is one enjoyable and creepy flick.

Below, a movie directed by the same guy who brought us Pitch Black and The Arrival, takes place during World War II.  An American submarine takes on survivors from a torpedoed British medical ship.  There are some complications and deceit that that I won’t spoil for you here, but sufficed to say things don’t go right and soon the crew is fighting for their lives… both from enemy depth charges and from a strange supernatural force on board the sub that seems to be out for vengeance.

This is a gritty, atmospheric movie which is a perfect springboard for any kind of supernatural thriller.

Twohy’s direction is what really sells this movie… never do you see anything clearly or get to see a big stupid monster that will cheapens the horror experience.  Twohy has the reins of this movie well in hand and steers it in just the right direction.

The story flakes out near the end and collapses into predictability, but the overall ride is a fun, thrilling, and scary one.  I wouldn’t call this one of the scariest movies ever, but it sure delivers a few chills up the spine and, to me, that makes it well worth a look if you want to check out a scary movie you’ve never heard of.

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