“Another Life” Feels Lost in Space

I love science fiction as much as the next intelligent guy with great taste, but my science fiction has got to be, at best, compelling, and at the least… interesting.

Another Life fails at both.

While its plot of humanity going on a dangerous interstellar journey to understand an alien artifact dropped off on earth is bursting with promise, most of that promise is squandered on repetitive plotting that uses the same scenario over and over. In every episode, an unknown force is messing with the crew’s minds or the ship is about to blow up.

The entire crew, by the way, is made up of the most whiney, terrible human beings on the planet. I can only assume that the mission was a vast conspiracy to blast the biggest douchebags off the planet and into space. They are so terrible that, several times, characters die and, instead of being sad, the only emotions I felt as a viewer was relief. Thank God that horrible person is off the show!

Even the way the show is written, shot, and edited is dull and filled with a fake edge. Profanity flies until you’re numb to it, pretty people annoy you, and out of place metal and techno blares in the weirdest places as if the show is desperate to be cool, but in a way like an out of touch executive thinks cool is.

The ten episode season can be binged in one weekend and, I have to admit, I was curious to see where the plot was going to the point that I realized that the plot never progressed through nine episodes. We finally got some advancement in the finale, but even then, it felt like a cop out and nothing but a tease for a new season.

It’s just bad, dull, and seems to never end.

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