“Trigon” Goes Down Too Easily on ‘Titans’

Titans is a show I really want to like, but it’s proclivity to be as artificially edgy as possible does make the show rather annoying at times. Add to that the limitations that a small budget brings to the series and you could almost say that it’s shackled by greenbacks and f-bombs.

It’s not a bad show. There is potential and the season 2 premiere, “Trigon” displays some of that potential, showing the Titans as a legacy team, the sweet relationship between Raven and Beast Boy who is still not green for some reason, and allowing Dick to unload much of his bitterness towards Batman, possibly allowing himself to enter a more parental role for his new team.

The problem with this episode is in its namesake… Trigon. He was built up all last season, the cliffhanger involved him bringing about the apocalypse and brainwashing Dick and what comes from it? He makes a field die, kills some birds, and then Raven poofs him away with her powers of vagueness.


But, hey… low budget TV, right?

It’s a disappointing premiere, but at least the proto-Titans are starting to look like the actual Titans now.

Although, I will say… I am rather looking forward to Jason Todd’s enviable death. I’m glad they’re making him as annoying and insufferable as possible to soften the blow.

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