‘Final Space’ Goes to “The Happy Place” and Finds Itself Again

Gary and the crew of the Crimson Light come across an alien ship where the creepy alien captain offers to send the crew to their “happy place” where their deepest desires become reality, but there is a sinister secret behind the hospitality.

I was a little concerned last week when Final Space‘s season premiere turned into a mostly cliched racing episode, but this week has put me a lot more at ease about this new bunch of episodes. “The Happy Place” is everything I was hoping it would be… Funny, original, emotional; It was a continuation of the arch and dealt with the emotional fallout of last season’s finale.

For goodness sake, the episode began with a literal pissing match and ended with guilt and sadness. “The Happy Place” ran the emotional gamut, it was pretty hilarious, and delivered the story in unexpected and surprising ways, culminating in a reveal that not only made sense, but also rolled around in the hard consequences from last season. Needless to say, Gary probably has made a lot of enemies he didn’t mean to make.

I enjoyed this episode immensely. If you’re one of those people still suffering a Rick and Morty withdrawal, Final Space is an awfully satisfying substitution… well, that’s a little unfair. Final Space is it’s own thing and it does that thing very well.

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