A Hail of a Day

It came out of nowhere. Golf ball sized hail and monsoonal rains. The weather service gave us no warning when this storm hit Sterling City, but thankfully the damage seemed light even with the massive hail.

We were not unscathed, however. Our living room skylight took a direct hit and busted clean through, but all in all, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. No damage to the living room as the wind pretty much kept most of the rain out.

Being out in the boonies, though, we had to come up with a quick fix for the hole in the roof and that fix was a Family Dollar shower curtain.

Hey, if it looks stupid and works, it’s not stupid!

The heavy rain was lit by direct sunlight and made it look like it was raining diamonds.
The damaged skylight.
That’s some big hail!
The football field covered in hail.
The storm gives us a break for a minute. I run and get the patch for the roof.
The fix.

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