On the Way to London

That’s right, kids and kiddos, I’m going across the pond to visit Great Britain and France and I’m bringing you with me… metaphorically speaking, of course.

The first thing to remember when you travel is that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong and also, when you book plane tickets, try not to rush a transfer. I didn’t rush a transfer, but thanks to multiple delays flying out of Midland, Texas… the airport so small that I think it started life as a K-Mart, I had 16 minutes to run across Houston Airport to catch my London flight lest I get delayed a full day.

Given that I was a huge fat butt a few months ago before I lost 180 some-odd pounds, I surprised myself by running – actual running – to get to the right gate and, with only about five minutes to spare, I made it. I think my expression says it all…

Beautiful flying weather. I think this is how Final Destination started.

From there, we took off and began the grueling nine hour overnight flight. I don’t sleep on planes, so I took the opportunity to watch some movies that I haven’t seen yet. Ocean’s Eight was unsurprising and by the numbers, The Crimes of Grindelwald was stunningly boring, and Stan and Ollie was a touching story of friendship. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is still a gosh-darn classic.

As the sun began to rise and the endless stretches of the Atlantic Ocean roiled below us, I started to go a little stir crazy. Thankfully, the coast of Ireland soon came into the view and the Emerald Isle waved at us as we flew over.

These pictures were taken through a polarized window that I was too stupid to figure out until later, so the colors are going to look a bit odd until I did figure it out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you look out of the right hand side of the aircraft, you’ll see United Flight 56 and Captain Steve who’s been talking crap about my airplane and writing checks that his mouth can’t cash. Strap in, folks, it’s about to get fast in here.
The Irish Coast.
Ireland way below us!
So long, Ireland, I promise I’ll come see you for real one day!

Soon the lush green fields of England rolled below us.

Then… London!

The driving on the opposite side of the street kind of freaks me out, but I’m really looking forward to enjoying this city and the surrounding areas for the next few days.

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