My Cat Hates You

Written by Jason Gaston

My cat hates you.
I’m afraid it’s true.
My cat hates you.
Not a thing you can do.

You can bring it treats and tons of fishes,
Take it on trips and fulfill all its wishes.
Pamper it, pet it, love it, but still…
My cat hates you and always will.

It’s nothing you did and nothing you said,
There’s no real reason my cat wants you dead.
You didn’t insult it and you didn’t offend
My cat has hatred that love can’t transcend.

It’s not your fault!
You didn’t affront!
You didn’t assault!
You didn’t confront!

My cat hates you,
With all of its heart.
My cat hates you,
And will rip you apart.

Back away slowly and show no fear
Lest she will jump and chomp on your rear
Just get out, get out while you’re able!
My cat hates you!  She’s very unstable!

I’ve heard her talking and I’m afraid it’s true,
My kitty cat really does despise you.
And after you escape, don’t pause for a breather,
Because my dog doesn’t like you very much either.

Copyrighted. Do not reprint without permission.

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