Constantine: City of Demons: Adult Superhero Animation for Adults

I do so love it when there’s an animated movie aimed at adults that doesn’t rely on swearing and anatomical humor. Constantine: City of Demons is an outstanding entry into DC’s cadre of animated films featuring the titular sorcerer going up against a demon in Los Angeles to save the soul of an old friend’s daughter.

This is a very hard R movie, more adult than even see live action Keanu Reeves movie. More than that, this movie is clever, throwing concept after concept at you, each one more fantastical and horrifying than the next. City of Demons manages to assault you with grimness and horror, but the entire event never feels weighed down. You actually want to see where it goes and, although you are confronted with some pretty awful things, you never find yourself repulsed by it. The demon characters are almost charming enough to forgive even though they do absolutely horrendous things.

Matt Ryan, star of the short-lived Constantine television series, and current member of the Legends of Tomorrow ensemble, lends his voice to the character once again proving that you just can’t keep a good sorcerer down. He brings a sort of weariness to the role that, a lot like the demons in the movie, makes you sympathize with him even when he’s being a complete jerk.

This is probably one of the best DC animated movies in a long time. Dark, engrossing, creative, and proof that you don’t need a lazy reliance on sex or cursing to make an animated movie for adults.

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