I honestly think that the Rock is bored. That’s got to be the only explanation. Why else would he be making movies that are this dumb? Mind you, I’m not saying bad… Just dumb. Does the Rock simply not give a damn? Is he trying to win a bet? Does this type of movie actually look good on the page through his eyes?

Hold on to your jiggly tushies, kids, because a tidal wave of dumb is heading your way. Granted, it will not be as dumb as Rampage, but it’s still pretty damn dumb. This dump truck load of dumb is called Skyscraper and in it, the Rock plays a security specialist who gave his right leg to be in this movie. Now, when evaluating the security on a mile-high skyscraper called The Pearl, terrorists come in and pretty much ruins everybody’s day. Now it’s up to the Rock to save both the building and his family, because every single action movie nowadays has to have an annoying screaming child in it.

The biggest endorsement that I can give this movie is that it is a forgettable action flick with some moments of fun. That is honestly the nicest thing I can say about it, because even though I only watched it an hour ago, I have already forgotten about much of it.

The Rock is likable and charismatic and that’s pretty much what’s allowing him to get away with polishing turd after turd after turd, but Skyscraper seems to be a completely different animal. This movie is awkwardly paced, it’s not very interesting or original in the first place, and everything that you think is going to happen at the beginning, ends up happening by the end. To put it mildly, this movie is so low effort I would be surprised if the director got out of his chair once.

At least with Rampage we got to see stuff we hadn’t seen before. Look out, it’s a flying Wolf! With this movie… oh look, it’s Die Hard meets The Towering Inferno.

Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s only so much that a movie can do with a charismatic leading man. The movie has to at least help in some fashion, and Skyscraper never gets off its butt to assist.

If you’re hard up for forgettable action, and if you’re in that kind of mood, this is not a bad movie, but in five years you won’t remember a second of it.

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