Yep… ‘Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay’ is Better than the Live Action Movie

The Suicide Squad is given a new mission:  Locate a card that guarantees the holder a free pass to heaven if he or she is holding it at the time of death.   Turns out, everyone wants it from the commander of the Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller to the evil speedster Zoom and the immortal Vandal Savage.  Now it’s down to Deadshot, Copperhead, Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, and Bronze Tiger to complete the mission and… well, not the save the day, but you know what I mean.

Also, Harley Quinn is there because DC has to shoehorn her into everything.

I liked this animated movie quite a bit. It had a very droll sense of humor about it, it was very adult, and I really dug the shifting loyalties of the characters involved. You never really knew what they were going to do next, but when they did do it, all you could think was, well… it makes sense.

I also enjoyed the animation this time around. With these direct to video animated movies, sometimes you get a mixed bag, but the animation was pretty solid this time around. The fight sequences, the action sequences… hell, even just the dialogue sequences all contained some very nice animation.

The voice acting this time around was a bit hit and miss and, unfortunately, even though it pains me to say this, Tara Strong, who I love with all my heart, turns in one of the most listless interpretations of Harley Quinn I’ve ever heard, lacking any emotion or energy… it was pretty bad but, in her defense, she really had no reason being in this movie in the first place. Not that I don’t like Harley when she’s done well, but we’re getting more of the lame Suicide Squad movie version where someone read the cliff notes on her character than the, in my opinion, better version who is basically the survivor of a hellish emotionally and physically abusive relationship and has the scars to prove it. It’s your basic two-dimensional version vs. three-dimensional version and DC keeps choosing to unleash the two dimensional version. In this movie, she’s pushed in for no reason other than just being there.

Still, it was good. Better than Attack on Arkam and better than the Suicide Squad movie, this movie takes a novel, comic booky idea and goes for it, culminating in an ending that actually earns the team the name, “Suicide Squad.” It’s bloody, it’s brutal, it’s a little dirty… it’s a lot of fun.

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